News upon the STC

Blue Skies Aviation Oy and Joen Service Oy have started common business called “Joen Service Lahti Oy”. STC rights will be transferred shortly to new commonly owned business.

With the arragement both Joen Service and Blue Skies Aviation seek mutual benefits from involved parties experties. CoB of Joen Service Lahti, Tommi Matikainen, states that “with this arrangement we seek growth and scalability to STC and we hope to gain possibility to provide this product to flight schools, clubs and individuals in the near future”

A goal has been set to convert one C150 in 2022 to gain experience in the production to cover possible pitfalls and to get precise understanding of the actual cost of STC kit. After first conversion a full scale production capability should be achieved.

After the first conversion starts this page will naturally be updated to keep all interestes parties up-to-date.

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