Latest Approved Flight Manual is as follows:

  • Aircraft installed with rotax 912 F3
    • Cessna 150H, F150H – Flight manual Operation Instruction No. 605 issue 09.98 LBA approved October 1998
    • Cessna A150K, FA150K, A150L, FA150L -Flight Manual and Operation instruction, SDF No. 131, issue 1/20.01.1999, LBA approved May 1999
    • Cessna 150K, F150K, 150L, F150L – Flight Manual and Operation Instruction SDF No.145, issue 1 March 29 1999, LBA approved July 12, 1999
  • Aircraft installed with Rotax 912 S3
    • Cessna( )150( ) – Flight Manual and Operation Instruction Cessna 150 with engine Rotax 912 S3 and propeller Hoffmann V352F/170FQ+10, SDF No. 160, issue 1, April 2001, LBA approved June 19, 2001

Installation instructions for installing STC

  • Alle Baureihen ()150D bis M, Nr. 125() [all models ()150 D to M]

Maintenance programme

  • C150 is maintained as per latest Cessna and Rotax instructions and in addition with Rotax -Cessna STC’s “Anhang zum Wartungshandbuch Alle Baureihen ()150D bis M  Nr. 126()” [additional info for maintentance manual No.126]

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