Rotax C150 is an affordable option for those who wish to get the best of both wolrds- old technology meets new one. Proven reability of robust Cessna 150 integrated with modern Rotax 912 technology. By upgrading your C150 you are able to modernize your Cessna to meet todays demands. Utilize mogas with out additional STC’s and you won’t have to think anymore does your MOGAS contain alcohol. Rotax can run with octane 95 up to 10% of alcohol. In additioin you will gain fuel savings and other benefits such as:

  • Approximately 20-25%fuel savings as rotax burns only approximately 17 l/h MOGAS
  • Approximately 1 hour more endurance thanks to lower consumption
  • Increased performance – Thanks to constant speed propeller. You have all the HP at your disposal from the moment you advance the throttle. Take off and climb performance are approximately 25% better than with traditional Continental O200
  • You will gain more loading capacity as rotax installation is approximately 20-25 kg more lighter than original.

Unlike the modern LSA aircrafts, Cessna is approved according to FAR 23. This means that with proper instruments you are allowed to fly IFR with your C150 rotax conversion. Also training is approved! You won´t find any cheaped basic IFR trainer than this. Equip your Cessna with modern avionics and fly all the PBN procedures burning MOGAS, less than 18 l/h !